Incorporating Podcasting into Curriculum

For our final project in Kent State’s Teaching Multimedia course, we were asked to create a unit lesson plan which would introduce one of the multimedia pieces that we worked with this semester to our students.  I am planning to teach podcasting in my Intro to Journalism class next year, so I really wanted to make a lesson that I can use in the class (especially because it is new for me, so I anything I have prepared now will be great for later!).  I enjoyed the podcasting unit in this class, especially the way the skills were scaffolded for us.  Podcasting is a pretty accessible skill, so that is the focus of my lesson and Camtasia tutorial, all provided below.


Carrie Rapp

Lindbergh High School

St. Louis, MO


Title: Introduction to Podcasting


In this lesson, students will learn about available recording and editing software and apps.  Students will record an interview and edit it to create and publish a podcast.


  • Students will experiment with audio recording software.
  • Students will conduct a recorded interview.
  • Students will use audio editing software to produce a podcast.
  • Students will publish a completed podcast.


Overviews and Timeline:

Day 1 (50-minute class)

Teacher will introduce students to podcasts.  As a class, listen to the following three podcasts:

Day 1 Homework

Students should find one additional podcast, which includes an interview, to share with the rest of the class.

Day 2 (50-minute class)

Teacher will introduce the applications and software that students will be using to create their podcasts.  Share the camtasia tutorial with students.  Pass out the assignment and planning sheets.  Students should spend the remainder of the time working on their planning sheet and setting up their interview.

Day 2 Homework

Students will interview one person on the topic of their choice.  Students should record their interview using AudioBoom.  Then, they should upload their audio file to their profile.

Day 3 (50-minute class)

Teacher will introduce resources to find copyright free music by sharing the article “Avoid copyright and use royalty-free music for video production” (link below). Students will begin editing their podcast using Audacity in class, asking the teacher for assistance if needed.

Day 3 Homework

Students will finish editing their podcast using Audacity.  When complete, either upload the podcast to AudioBoom or Soundcloud and share the link with the teacher.


Students will record an interview with one person on the topic of their choice.  Students will edit that file into a podcast with an introduction, conclusion and music.  Grading will be based on the attached rubric.



Goble, Don (2012). “Avoid copyright and use royalty-free music for video production.” Retrieved from:

JEA Curriculum, “Lesson: Audio for Multimedia Broadcast.” Retrieved from:

Phillips, Kyle (2014). “Podcasting Basics for Beginners.” Retrieved from:

Rogers, Jonathan (2016). “Podcasts on Podcasting.” Retrieved from:


Podcast Homework Sheet


Using the Audioboom app, conduct a field interview outside of the classroom.  Find a subject that has something interesting to talk about.  When you are conducting your interview, be sure to ask questions that can not be answered in one word.


Record more than you might actually need so you have material you can cut down later. When conducting your interview, try to be conversational.  Your final project should be about 2-3 minutes long. Be sure to replay your audio before you leave the interview scene to make sure your sound has turned out well, or reshoot if necessary.  Try to eliminate background noise from the interview.


After recording the interview, upload the audio to AudioBoom.  You will also want to record your introduction and conclusion using the app.  Find copyright free music and download the file.  Then, import these files into Audacity and edit these pieces together to create your podcast.  You will need to include the introduction and conclusion as well as copyright free background music.  Trim down unnecessary content or long pauses and make sure your cuts are unnoticeable.  You should be able to hear the voices easily over the music.  You may need to use fades to transition between pieces.  Use headphones when editing to clearly hear all sound.  Use the Camtasia tutorial to troubleshoot at home.


When finished editing, all voices should be clearly heard and the transition and edits should be smooth, not clipped and not noticeable.  Export the final product and upload to either or SoundCloud and email the link to your teacher.


For this unit, you will be expected to do the following:

Task Points Deadline
Find one podcast to share with the class 5 Tues. 10/10
Complete Interview Planning Sheet 20 Wed. 10/11
Record interview with one person using AudioBoom app 30 Thurs. 10/12
Edit podcast using Audacity 40 Fri. 10/13
Upload final project to AudioBoom or SoundCloud and email link to teacher

  • Final project will be graded with rubric
5 Fri. 10/13


Interview Planning Sheet

Directions: Complete the Interview planning sheet before conducting the interview for your podcast.


List 3 potential topics you could interview about:




What’s new or relevant about this story? (Ask: why should the reader care?)



What do you already know?  


What do you need to know before going on your interview?


List 3 potential individuals to interview for this story.  

_______________________     ________________________     _________________________           

Brainstorm important interview questions:












Podcast Rubric

Name: ___________________________________________

Deadline: Friday, 10/13

Total: ______________ / 100


Podcast to share with the class:

____ / 5:

____ Includes an interview

____ Is school appropriate

____ Shared with teacher by 10/10


Interview Planning Sheet:

____ / 20

____ Planning: topics

____ Planning: new or relevant

____ Interviewing: what you know

____ Interviewing: what you need to know

____ Interviewing: questions


Recorded Interview:

____ / 30

____ Interview includes both voice of interviewer and interviewee

____ Little background noise in interview, introduction and conclusion

____ Questions were planned in advance

____ Interviewed one person; topic was interesting – no one word answers

____ The introduction clearly introduces the topic and interviewee

____ The conclusion wraps up the topic, thanks the guest and gives credit to the music



____ / 40

____ Podcast was 2-3 minutes long

____ Cuts were unnoticeable; transitions were smooth

____ In and out fading used appropriately

____ All voices could be heard clearly; music does not interfere

____ Music matches the tone of the show; creator gives credit to the music

____ Long pauses, dead air and unnecessary content was edited out


Uploaded Final Project:

____ / 5

____ Used either SoundCloud or AudioBoom

____ Emailed working link to teacher by 10/13


Camtasia Tutorial:


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