Creating and Editing Video

I have been looking forward to this assignment, because while I have observed many students creating videos in our school’s broadcast program, I have never made one myself.  Through this assignment, I got to experience storyboarding, gathering materials, shooting interviews, shooting b-roll, and editing.

For this assignment, we were able to create a video covering any topic that we wanted.  Since the yearbooks were being delivered the following week, it was on the minds of many of my students.  I knew that I would have the opportunity to get some b-roll of exciting moments that my students would soon be experiencing.

To begin, I thought about what I wanted the video to cover and brainstormed what video I would need.  I started by coming up with the questions that I would ask in interviews.  I ended up asking:

  • Why did you join yearbook?
  • What do you like about being on yearbook staff?
  • What is your favorite yearbook memory?
  • What are you most excited about in getting the yearbooks this week?

Overall, I interviewed 13 students.  Although we have a studio, it does not block out sound from the room next door.  Therefore, some of my interviews have background noise.

In addition to filming the interviews, I also filmed b-roll on a few different occasions.  I took video of students working on the yearbook supplement in class, and I also went out with a few students when they got an interview and took some photos.  Another occasion where I took b-roll was when the yearbooks arrived.  I got some pretty cool reaction shots when the students got to see the book for the first time.

After compiling all of my materials (interviews, images from the year, and b-roll), I began editing.  I used Adobe Premier to edit since this is the software that we have at school.  After learning how to import the materials and learning the basic tools such as select and slice, most of the editing just consisted of listening to and watching the video I had and selecting what I wanted to include.  I also considered a couple of different ways of arranging the video, but decided to organize it by interview question.  I found my music to accompany the video from, the same site I used for my podcast.

What was really awesome about this assignment was that I was able to get help from students who have experience with creating video.  I learned a lot – from the very basics of getting a camera on a tripod – to the more complex intricacies of editing.  It was awesome to get to see how much they already knew and could pass along.  I also really enjoyed getting to participate in the process and look forward to incorporating video into my Intro to Journalism class next year.


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