Social Role

Social Role Week 14 – Adapting for the Future

One way that the future of journalism is changing is the role that journalists serve.  In “Journalism isn’t dying. But it’s changing WAY faster than most people understand” by Chris Cillizza for, Cillizza outlines how journalists are no longer the gatekeepers of information, but instead the context-givers and sense-makers: “And, as the “what” faded in terms of reader interest, the “so what” and the “now what” began to rise. Suddenly, people didn’t want to just read about a presidential debate, they wanted analysis of the debate, too. And they wanted that analysis delivered at the same time as the news. They didn’t want to wait for the next day to read about who did well and who didn’t. They wanted it in real time. And that went double for anyone younger than 30.” Journalist’s role changed as the availability of information increased for citizens.

Another way that journalism is changing is in the skills that journalists need to be successful.  In “10 basics today’s journalists need” by Paige Levin for, Levin breaks down what journalists really need to know to be successful: “We don’t need to be well versed in every single app and every line of code. But we do need to understand the bigger picture.”  She then breaks down 10 different skills that are crucial for the success of a future journalist.  She includes tips that may seem outside of traditional journalism training such as “learn basic coding,” “master math” and “understand the economics”  Levin also encourages journalists to engage their audience on social media.  Overall, her tip for journalists is to stay adaptable: “Most of the important skills are more like talents: the ability to generate original and meaningful ideas, critical thinking, collaboration, and general knowledge as well as specialized knowledge in areas of interest.”  These are the skills that we are encouraged to teach students as 21st century skills and lend themselves to scholastic media.


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