Using Audioboom and Audacity to Create Recruiting Podcast

This week in Teaching Multimedia through Kent State University, we took our recording skills with AudioBoom and our editing skills with Audacity and created our own short interview podcast.  For this assignment, I decided to interview my coworker, Justin Cange, who also advises journalism at Lindbergh High School.  Because we just finished up registration and recruiting season at our school, recruiting for scholastic journalism was something that we had talked a lot about and learned a lot about.

For the interview, I brainstormed a couple of questions that I knew I wanted to ask.  I did not write an intro for the interview, but knew that I wanted to introduce my guest at topic.  During the interview, any fidgeting was picked up in the recording.  I stuck to all of my questions and thanked my guest at the end.

After recording the interview, I listened to it to make sure everything was audible.  Something that I noticed the couple times that I have recorded so far is that the Audioboom app picks up a lot of sounds, so even though Justin and I were in a room off of our classroom, you can still here sounds from the adjoining room.  I scripted an intro and outro at home and recorded them.  Because the room was different, you can hear a difference in the audio between the interview and the solo recordings.

I wanted to find music for the background of the podcast, as I listed to Lori King’s podcasts for the Toledo Blade, and I though the music sounded nice in the background.  After a quick Google search, I came upon where I found the royalty free track for my podcast (and made sure to give credit in my outro).

I dragged the four files (music, intro, interview and outro) into Audacity and began editing.  The first thing I noticed was the volume discrepancy between the tracks, which I was able to control with the volume bar.  I also wanted to edit some of the longer pauses or answers in the interview, and I used the cut tool to do that.  I used the fade in and fade out tool to help transition between clips and at the beginning and end.  I also used space (silence) to create that transition as well.

After editing and listening to the track a couple times, I exported as a .WAV file and then uploaded to Audioboom.  In Audioboom, I added a title and the headshot of Justin that you see above.

Overall, I feel very happy with what I have learned about the app Audioboom and Audacity.  They are both relatively easy to use, especially with FAQ and YouTube videos available.  I anticipate doing a podcast unit with my Intro to Journalism class next year and incorporating both of these programs.


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